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House to let

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When I came back from work yesterday a ‘To Let’ sign was up on our house. I’d signed papers with the lettings agency the day before. It’s now on Rightmove and I believe other sites as well.

We’ve gone for families only, no pets and no smokers.

So waiting for the first viewings for occupation in early October.


One thought on “House to let

  1. “We’ve gone for families only, no pets and no smokers.”

    How can this possibly be legal in the New Caring Britain? Isn’t it like sticking a note on the door saying “No Irish”?

    As a pet-owning professional smoker* just one generation away from the Emerald Isle, with decades of testimonials from satisfied landlords in many countries, I am appalled. Appalled, I tell you. Might be writing to the Daily Mail about this.

    * I don’t mean I’m a professional and a smoker. I mean I could smoke for Team GB. So could my pet, by now.

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