Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Anyone for Tea

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There are a number of large supermarkets in Doha.

One such chain of supermarkets is called Lulu. I think it’s so nice that they chose to name a shop after our own little Scottish singer. I have yet to visit a Lulu, but a couple of days ago I spent a while wandering the produce aisles of the French chain Carrefour in the Landmark Mall.

No alcohol of course, but there is little you’d be unfamiliar with on sale. Because of the large Asian population there are ranges of what in the UK would consider exotic fruits and vegetables, lots of products to suit Arabic tastes, but also most of the familiar brands from the UK.

One product which I have never seen in Sainsbury’s is ‘Flatulence Tea’. I am assuming it is to relieve the symptoms…I didn’t buy a packet, but if anyone is in need of relief from this afflication, please let me know and I will mail a packet to you straight away.


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