Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

A quick trip back to the UK

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Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a Qatar Airways flight back to the UK to complete the final part of our move to the Gulf.

In two weeks time someone new will be living in our house. In the meantime we have to clear out the last of our belongings to leave the house completely empty. Since we decided to move the house has been completely redecorated and a whole bunch of repairs and improvements done… cleaners will be in to add the final spit and polish… so it’s nicer now for our tenants than it ever was for us.

300kg of domestic items are going to be air-freighted out to Qatar, a few more boxes and bits of furniture are going into storage and our 46kg baggage allowance will be used to bring all the things we’ll need during the next few weeks.

We’ll be leaving the UK finally on 28 September, but the next blog post have to wait until we are back in Qatar.


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