Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

White goods day


Today was white goods buying day in Doha… so we went off to the Carrefour store in the City Centre Mall. We arrived just before 11.30am to find the store was closing for an hour. It is Friday and shops shut for an hour for Friday prayers.

Back to the hotel to return an hour later. We found what we were looking for… a 40 inch internet TV, a washer-dryer, a fridge-freezer and a cooker. Carrefour had them all though we weren’t too keen on the limited choice of electic cookers.

We thought we’d better make sure that the apartment had adequate space before we bought anything, so off there to measure up. It also gave me time to photograph the outside of our building.

Our new apartment block

The arrow shows our ‘penthouse’ apartment on the 10th floor.

Our new apartment

To find a better cooker it was off to the beaufifully named Lulu hypermarket to check out their stock. Even poorer choice so back to Carrefour where we bought everything. Turned out to that we bought silver white goods.

It’s free delivery and installation after 4pm next Wednesday. They will phone prior to delivery to fix the time so we don’t have to wait in. Settee and bed on Sunday then off to Dubai next Friday to raid IKEA for everything else we need.

…and thanks to a generous allowance from my new employer we don’t have to pay to furnish our new place.


3 thoughts on “White goods day

  1. Are you sure it’s real? It looks so quiet and clean like a film set. Like the idea of a penthouse. x

  2. Hope there is a lift in that building!

  3. Hi Jackie and Ian,
    it certainly does look like a film set – just been staying the weekend with some friends of Simon’s. Their daughter, her husband and young baby live in Doha and Lynn is going out on Friday. The daughter’s name is name is Helen Eastman .. She is an environmentalist. Interesting occupation given your environment…

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