Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Furniture buying


We have now visited most of the local furniture stores in our part of Doha before we head off to Dubai this Friday.Ornate bed

Local taste tends to lean towards the more OTT in style. We are not buying this bed.

But we have purchased our bed and sofa. If you’d like a preview of our sofa you will find it on the Origins Living website. Ours will be in grey.

We also bought a dining table and 8 chairs as well as bedroom furniture for one of the guest rooms.

It has been fun and a little daunting attempting to furnish a large three bed apartment from scratch.


4 thoughts on “Furniture buying

  1. How nice to have a complete blank palette. I’m having one bathroom refurbished at the moment – quite enough at one time for me.

  2. I quite like the bed. Looks like you could have a dozen guests and still have room for the family.

  3. “yes Sir, our Dictator range is one of our most popular lines…”

  4. I would’ve bought the bed.

    Stick it in a guest bedroom. Add a few tassles. Drape a bit of red velvet on the walls, put some candles here and there, a discreet red light outside, and you’re good to go with a second income in retail (male leisure sector).

    Bouncer, of course, but what can a bouncer cost in Qatar?

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