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Delivery day


Yesterday was the day when some of our new beds and white goods were due for delivery. The scheduled delivery window was 4pm to 8pm, which meant four hours waiting in an empty flat.

The first knock at the door was around 5pm when the TV and washer/dryer machine were delivered. The washing machine was wired into the wall and we peeled off the cling-film wrappings.

I know many of you will be eager to know our choice of washing machine.

Washing machine

The TV was installed and we peeled off the cling-film wrappings.

Our new TV

Half an hour later the three beds arrived, along with bedding.

The final items we were expecting were the fridge/freezer and the cooker. The delivery guys phoned to say they’d be there in half an hour. They arrived at 8pm about two and a half hours later. They had a delivery for another apartment, but not our items. I’m told these sort of mishaps are to be expected.

So now we have to go back to the flat on Monday. The scheduled delivery window is 4pm to 8pm, which means yet another four hours waiting in a now half empty flat.


2 thoughts on “Delivery day

  1. Delivery experience not dissimilar to UK then !!

  2. First of all and also last, I admit I haven’t been keeping up with the latest developments in washer technology, and I’m definitely not au fait with gender roles in the Gulf. But reassure me. That is just a sticker on the front of the washing machine, right? There isn’t, well, anyone inside it rinsing your smalls or anything.

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