Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Driving licence

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I now have a Qatar driving licence. Brits can get a licence by just showing the UK licence, but for some reason Americans have to take a full driving test.

The process was simple. I got a letter from my employer in Arabic agreeing that I could apply for the licence.

I headed of the the Traffic Office with a local colleague. The first thing was to complete the application form which has to be done in Arabic. Outside the Traffic Office are small offices where for a small fee 5Q AR or 85p they will type up your application.

Getting the form filled for the licence

It took a couple of minutes, then off to get the eye test and the form was stamped. It was fairly cursory and over in 20 seconds, but I clearly passed.

Driving licence

Then to the licence counter with the form. I paid 250 QAR and three minutes later I had the licence in my hand.


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