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I have sat through numerous air safety films on aircraft. Each one has its own style, and despite the recommendation to watch and learn as all aircraft are different, all say much the same thing, and mostly like everyone else I ignore the instructions.

I really do know how to open and close a seat belt.

If my life jacket doesn’t inflate after we’ve crashed into the sea, I really don’t think I will have breath to blow into the tube.

I will leave my high heels behind when exiting via the emergency slide.

It would be much more helpful to know what you should do to escape quickly if you are in the window seat and there are two fat people wedged into the next seats.

Anyway Fly Dubai had a film which actually made me watch. I have added an extract for you to enjoy.


One thought on “Air safety film

  1. Finally I got to see this video more than a week after you posted it. Didn’t work on the iPad but now I can see it on the PC. It’s brilliant. It’s also hysterical, but mostly it’s brilliant. Only aircraft safety film I’ve ever seen where I think, “OK. I’ll watch this one for sure. Could be a grin. Could also save my life.”

    It’s a bit mesmerising, frankly. I’ve watched it four times and I plan to watch it again. Might put it on a loop, buy popcorn and get comfy. There’s so much stuff to be worked out. It’s like a tiny little episode of “Lost”, in big-eyed animated form.

    Took me a while, for example, to work out the face-wear on some characters. I considered making various movie-villain-related gags before my cultural sensitivity eventually grasped what that was about.

    Still unexplained, though, is why one character with face-wear is carrying what looks like a bath-time rubber duck in a goldfish bowl. Four times I’ve watched it, and I still don’t get that. A mystery.

    Please send the end of this story at some point. Does the rubber duck make it? You clipped the vid at something of a cliff-hanger …

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