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We’re getting a few thing fixed in our flat before we move in. The building has onsite maintenance. A freephone call to the maintenance company to make an appointment is followed up with an SMS confirming and a job number.

The workmen, all from the Indian subcontinent usually turn up on time. Their English speaking skills are often limited.

If they can fix what is broken at the time all is OK, but problems arise when something needs to be replaced.

The doorbell took three visits. One to agree that it wasn’t working and couldn’t be mended, then a second by two new guys who appeared unaware that they need to bring a new part… so a third visit before we could hear the doorbell ring.

A visit by plumbers yesterday was to replace a leaky tap and check why water from the taps first ran fast, then slowed, then faster and so on. They turned up without the new tap, took everything apart yet again and confirmed the tap needed replacing. I told the guy I already knew this and I was expecting them to arrive with the new tap.

His colleague disappeared onto the roof of the building to check our water supply… he came back, however the water still had the same slow-quick-slow stream.

I asked when the new tap would arrive and when the water flow would be fixed. His answer was ‘no problem’. I tried to ask the same questions in a different way. Again ‘no problem’.

It was at that point I explained that it was a problem… so now I will have to book another appointment… maybe they will turn up with the tap, maybe not.


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