Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

The desert trip

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The trip out to the desert in the south of Qatar near the Saudi border was just brilliant. We were picked up from the hotel in a Land Cruiser and took the highway out of the city.

On the highway

About 45 minutes later we stopped by some camels while our guide deflated the tyres from 45PSI to 14PSi ready for driving on sand.

Deflating the tyresJ and camels

Then it was off across the dunes. It is hard to describe the landscape. The dunes run up to the shoreline and away inland, interspersed with flat areas of hard sand…. all very Lawrence of Arabia.

The dunes

J and I

It is even more difficult to describe ‘dune bashing’… that is speeding across the tops of the dunes, at 45 degrees along the sides and at even steeper angles down one dune and up the other side.

Here is a short clip going across the dunes. Unfortunately there is no footage of the more roller-coaster bits as I needed both hands to hold on.


As the sun went down, we got the tyres pumped back up and headed back to the city along a highway lined all the way across the open desert with street lights.

Desert highway at night


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