Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

A long walk

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Yesterday afternoon and again this morning we walked along the Corniche and round the entire length of the bay.

View of the bay

The walk is just under four miles, along the waterfront and without crossing a road. The temperature is 34c with a cooling breeze

Along the Corniche

Half way round the bay are these three pieces, and a little further on another saying ACHIEVE… I’m not sure what the Arabic one says.


One thought on “A long walk

  1. Looks very cool. Very nice.

    My barber in Belize is from Beirut. Despite all the awful alliteration in that sentence, it happens to be completely true.

    Just last week, I mentioned to him that recently I’d been seeing a lot of photos of Doha because of family, and I thought it looked a bit like Miami.

    He sighed. Strong opinions, he had. Very strong views. He’s chopping away my hair while giving me his very strong views. Miami, apparently, can’t hold a candle to Doha. Miami is rubbish and Doha is like living in a Louis Vuitton commercial. Doha is just the best place to be.

    Couldn’t fault him on that. Then he shut up and I was left with a rubbish haircut. I have to wait for it to grow out.

    How would it be back home if Boris put up a lot a urban furniture saying: أدرك and اعتقد? The Daily Mail would go berserk.

    Also completely true: in the last place I lived, my barber in Barbados was from Basildon. Alliteration rules.

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