Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

New favourite drink


As well as the usual colas and other fizzy drinks, cafés all offer fresh juices. I really have got a liking for lemon with mint.

Lemon and mint drink

It’s fresh lemon juice, fresh mint leaves, some ice and all whisked together. It’s a really refreshing drink to be enjoyed sitting out in the warm sun in a café… try it yourself at home in the UK… mix the ingredients pour into a glass, turn up the central heating, shut your eyes and pretend you’re in a sunny place.


2 thoughts on “New favourite drink

  1. You need a cold draft . Plenty here. Been trying to locate the source if one in the kitchen this afternoon. Where are my fluffy slippers ?

  2. The fog, the damp, the wind. I turn to your blog to cheer me up and bring in a little sunshine! thanks!
    Its one of those days when you can’t see the op of the Spinaker tower – not surprised you don’t miss it one bit!

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