Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar


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Last night we went to the Arab/African premier of Silver Linings Playbook.


Robert De Niro turned up for the screening…

Robert de Niro

The film is definitely worth seeing.


One thought on “Premier

  1. Last few posts all looking excellent. The dhow stuff is especially cool. The weird-light shimmery photo of Jackie on a dock between boats is a definite keeper.

    Operas, desert driving, street-camels, red carpets, film premieres, Robert De Niro waiting (talking Italian).* I’m getting the distinct impression that home-sickness isn’t looming large in this venture.

    Your photo of Bob at the screening of Silver Linings is an attention-grabber. I think it was the blessed Dolly Parton who said: “It takes an awful lot of money to look that cheap.”

    * Bananarama ref. Best ignored if you weren’t in your 20s in the 80s.

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