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Our neighbourhood

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As I write, three men are assembling the final piece of furniture for our living room. They were supposed to have delivered it this morning but turned up with the wrong item. They said they’d be back between 4pm and 6pm with the correct one. They arrived at 7pm.

We’ve now been in the flat for a week. We live in a nice neighbourhood. There are a large number of low-rise apartment blocks like ours.

Below are two views of Malik Bin Omair Street… we shop for everyday stuff at the Food Palace.

There is everything from a Versace shop, upmarket restaurants, tailor, laundry, a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream parlour to a Filipino grocers, all within easy walking distance.

On Wednesday we went to ‘Lo Spagetto’ a really good Italian restaurant at the end of the street. No Chianti as the restaurant it dry like all but the international hotels.

Although we didn’t choose to live in this location, it’s only half and hour during rush-hour to get to work, central to the city and seems to have everything we might need.


One thought on “Our neighbourhood

  1. All sounds great Ian, and I hope you are not missing the hotel maid service too much. Keep blogging. All ok here at your former workplace.

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