Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

One thought on “My journey to work

  1. Breaking news! Those Oscar nominees in full!

    Dateline: Hollywood Insider Gossip, 10 January 2013

    Hollywood celebs were abuzz tonight when the Academy announced the ten movies vying for best picture pick.

    In a backless scarlet number from Versace and shoes from Jimmy Shoe, a breathless Robert De Niro said, “it’s always an exciting time and I’m really excited. Honest, no kidding. I’m excited, really. Don’t I look excited?”

    Cheers erupted as the nominees were announced.

    1. “Lincoln”, Steven Spielberg
    2. “Life of Pi”, Ang Lee
    3. “Les Miserables” (an unsettling tale of a plumber from Bolton called Les, who was miserable), Tom Hooper
    4. “Silver Linings Playbook”, David O. Russell (please not’s forget the “O”)
    5. Another film
    6. And another one
    7. More film
    8. Another
    9. Film with an explosion
    10. “My Drive to Work”, Ian Edelman

    Hollywood Insider Gossip caught up with Best Actress nominee Jessica Lawrence or possibly Jessica Chastain (admittedly, could have been a completely different Jessica) in west-Hollywood celeb hang-out Spago to talk about the nominations. Jessica (Lawrence/Chastain/whatever), resplendent in a low-cut number and Jimmy Shoe shoes, said: “It’s a very exciting time. I’m very excited. Really, I am. Honest. My friend Bob De Niro is excited, too. I think most of us are worried about that Ian Edelman docudrama. It’s just amazing to me that the car didn’t get nominated for best supporting actress.”

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