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Frozen balls

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This is the second product in what I hope will become a regular feature showing strange and unusual items from the shelves or in this instance the freezer compartment of our local supermarket.

Squid balls

These ‘Special’ squid balls come in two flavours… Plain or Hot and Spicy… the listed ingredients are obviously squid, but in addition flour, sugar, monosodium glutamate, chilli powder and spices, all moulded into a bite sized morsel.

Neither variety is going to make the short trip to the checkout, back home and onto my dinner plate. But if these are your fancy, 3QR or around 50p makes for a cheap and possibly tasty meal. I guess they must be popular with the local Filipino population.

I am going to avoid any squid balls humour, but if you want to add your own squid balls joke please add to the comments below.


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