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No Sweat

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Another trip down the aisles at the Food Palace… and on the shelves above the freezer cabinets are rows of drinks.

Available in either bottles of cans, Pocari Sweat is an unappetising name for this ‘Ion Supply Drink’.

Pocari Sweat

An ion is an atom or molecule that has a total number of electrons and protons  that are not in balance, so the atom or molecule has a net positive or negative electrical charge.

I am unclear what the benefits of consuming ions are… perhaps someone will enlighten me?

Checking through the ingredients which is mainly water and citrus juice, but no ions, unless they’re in the sodium chloride, sodium citrate, malic acid, magnesium carbonate and a few other chemicals… but disappointingly there is definitely no sweat in there.


One thought on “No Sweat

  1. I should give this one a miss!

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