Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Jet ski show


Now that the weather has got much warmer in the mornings we have abandoned the Friday 9am walk along the Corniche. Instead we now walk in the evenings… again along the Corniche and then into the MIA Park for a cold drink or an ice cream as a reward.

We sit at the Park Café looking across towards the high rise building of West Bay as the begin to light up as dusk approaches.

Yesterday evening, instead of the usual calm, we were treated to a display of jet ski acrobatics.


2 thoughts on “Jet ski show

  1. Pretty cool, that. Way cooler than synchronised swimming. Watched it a few times. A mindless thing to do with a jet-ski that expensive (plus those things aren’t light, and you have to wonder what’d happen to his head if he made a slight misjudgement), but still … pretty cool.

  2. Plus, are driving gloves strictly de rigueur on jet skis in Qatar? Does Burberry do a high-end waterproof calfskin range for the discerning Qatari aqua-acrobat?

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