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We get stuff sent from the UK using a third party shipping agent. When we buy things by mail order they get sent to a holding centre until we decide we have enough to send them to Doha. The more items we send in one batch, the proportionately cheaper it is per item. We usually buy in batches anyhow so seldom have to wait more than a few days for things to arrive.

We use Borderlinx, who I can recommend if anyone wants to ship from the UK to Qatar. DHL is their shipping courier. They also ship from the USA but I haven’t bought any US goods so I cannot comment on this part of their service.

Until this week everything has gone well. Something bought online in the UK can be with us in less than 5 days.

A shipment of four items left the Borderlinx facility but it was down to three items when it arrived at the DHL facility in Birmingham.The three remaining packages arrived in Doha but were then mysteriously shipped off to Malaysia.

DHL tracking

They made the return to Doha and were delivered yesterday, so even with the extra trip east, the packages arrived in less than a week.

After a few phone calls to DHL the missing package was located and is being sent on.

DHL Tracking

For some unaccountable logistical reason it has overflown Qatar and is now in Hong Kong.

If you care to follow its onward journey to me, use this link to DHL tracking.


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