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The best thing since…

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In the UK, the manufacturers of sliced bread do their very best to make the product natural and wholesome. The packaging might show stalks of wheat ripening on a sunny day or a chubby baker in white with smears of flour across his face.

In Carrefour in Doha, there are two sections for bread. One is where we buy baguettes and loaves baked on the premises.

Loaf of bread

The other in the main aisles is where we buy sliced bread, however there is no attempt to make it sound like a natural product.

Bread aisle


One thought on “The best thing since…

  1. Now that made me laugh. I’m seeing a niche for a disarmingly honest chain of supermarkets with aisles for “Artery-Hardening Baked Goods”, “Gourmet Trans Fat Specials” and “Cholesterol Food”.

    Getting my business plan together immediately. Investors needed.

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