Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Favourite building

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I took my new camera out with me a few days ago for our walk along the Corniche. It’s now too hot to walk in the daytime, but as the light falls, so does the temperature. It is still hot, at around 36-38C, but if there are breezes a 40-50 minute walk is pleasant and not uncomfortable.

Walking along the Corniche

This time our walk took us by my favourite building, Doha’s World Trade Centre. It’s not quite finished and still unoccupied.

World Trade Centre

At the base is a huge glass sphere.

" "

At the top of the building, what looks like a flying saucer that has crash landed gives a nightly light show. Colours change, the patterns vary and ticker-tape messages play.

" "

As darkness falls, many of the buildings in the city light up. The views of the Doha skyline look even more spectacular as the light drops than during the daytime.


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