Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

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No more roundabouts

When I am heading off somewhere I have not been before, I usually use a SatNav to find my way. On the journey the authoritative voice might instruct ‘In 150 metres take the first exit at the roundabout’ … but often it turns out to be a regular intersection with traffic lights.

Roundabouts are probably one of the more likely places for traffic accidents in Doha, hence their replacement and that online mapping software has not been able to keep up with the changes.

Museum Roundabout

Lane discipline, particularly on roundabouts, is unpredictable and vehicles on the inside are quite likely to attempt to leave at the next exit cutting across two lanes cars that are carrying on round. Similarly some drivers do not necessarily chose to wait before entering the roundabout but just head out regardless.

Before we left Doha in mid July work had just begun clearing the landscaping from a number of roundabouts on the Corniche. We have returned to major roadworks along much of the road, reducing three lanes down to two.

I am not sure why the roundabouts are being entirely removed rather than just adding lights to control traffic flow. I cross two roundabouts on the way into work and three on the way back. If you look way back in this blog you will find a short and uninspiring video of my journey, which will take somewhat longer until the roadworks are completed in November.

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Going home

I am writing this post from the ‘Admirals lounge’ at JFK airport.

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We have now been away from the Qatar for just over two weeks. Five days in the UK and the remainder in the USA. We had a really fabulous holiday.

In addition to seeing our two sons and other family members, we visited San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York, where we saw three quite amazing shows. Each one was very different. The Cirque du Soleil ‘Love’ featured the music of the Beatles, Shakespeare in the (Central) Park was a modern musical version of Love’s Labour’s Lost and finally the Book of Mormon was one of the funniest and irreverent things I have ever seen on the stage.

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In an hour and three quarters we will depart America for the 14 hour journey back to Doha.

We were unlucky in not getting an upgrade to business class. As I have a silver membership of Qatar Airways, the woman at the check-in desk asked her colleague if any upgrades we available, but unfortunately the last business class seat had just been filled.

It has been great being away but England no longer felt like home. I felt very disconnected from our old home town during the very brief trip back to where we used to live. I am now looking forward to getting back home to Doha for the tail end of Ramadan and the Eid holiday.