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Rocky Road

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Since we moved in to our flat last December, the road behind the building leading into the basement car park has been a bumpy and uneven surface of desert rock and sand.

" "


" "

Last week I came home to a whole load of diggers and rollers… so work had eventually begun on putting a proper road surface behind our building. >

" "

A rusty sign at one end of the road appeared about a two year municipal roads maintenance project…. the two years was up in October, so I guess someone noticed that work still had to be started let alone completed.

For several days the surface was raked and rolled. On Wednesday I came home to a thin surface layer of black.

road5 road4

The yesterday a top layer of tarmac was added.

" " road6

I’m not sure how much finishing of around the edges there will be… but I will report back when the work is done.


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