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Two little dickie birds

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There are swallows flying around the park next to where I work. I guess they’re all on their way south from northern Europe for the Winter.

When I came to get my car to go home this afternoon, I found these two birds sitting on the wing mirror. I think they spend all year in Qatar, not winter migrants… I’m sure someone will tell me what they are?

Two birds

Although I tried to get a photo of the birds on the car, they flew up onto a duct high up in the car park before I could get the camera turned on.

Bird shit in my car

When I got to the car I saw that they’d used the perch to liberally spread bird sh*t all over the drivers door and wing mirror… so another trip to the car wash tomorrow.


One thought on “Two little dickie birds

  1. White-cheeked Bulbul (non-native originally from Asian sub-continent)

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