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Sharks, cow, flies and dots

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Today was the VIP opening of ‘Relics’, the Damien Hirst exhibition held at Alriwaq in Doha.

There was food. Drinks were served in syringes and spherical bowls.

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The exhibition showed Hirst’s iconic pieces.

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I was prepared to be unimpressed, but there was something compelling about the exhibition and many, if not all of the pieces, on show.

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Her Excellency Sheikha Mayassa was there along with Damien Hirst, Naomi Campbell, me and a whole bunch of others.

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Postscript… apparently Donatella Versace was also in attendance as was Jeff Koons. I didn’t see the former and wouldn’t have recognised the latter.



One thought on “Sharks, cow, flies and dots

  1. Coming from an Arts background I get something out of lots of modern art but ‘artist-as-rockstar’ is not something I want to buy into. Good Luck to him though and will be joining the queue at some point to see what’s on offer.

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