Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Abandoned heights

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Amongst all the gleaming steel and glass buildings of West Bay, there still much construction going on. However one building has stood forlorn and abandoned since we arrived.

Dubai Tower Dubai Tower  - artists impression

Work stopped on the 22 floor of the Dubai Tower in 2010. It was intended to be the tallest building in Qatar at 400 metres with 90 floors.

Tower signboard

In 2005, Dubai International Properties said that it was ‘a project that will be an iconic landmark of Qatar and the region as a whole. Will it ever be finished? I recall someone saying that there were plans to restart the project but as a much shorter structure.

I am not even sure, that if the project had have been completed, that it’s scale was appropriate to the city. But for now, it is a visible victim of the problems that beset the economy in Dubai and an eyesore on the Doha skyline.


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