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Time for a new laundry

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It, very much, looks like my business dealings with the Starry Laundry has probably now ended. My duvet cover has not reappeared and the laundry staff are at a complete loss of what to do next.

I have, again, offered the suggestion that they give me free laundry to the value of the replacement sheet, but all I got was the non-committal Indian shake of the head. If that was not going to happen, I issued the warning that I would have to get my bedding washed elsewhere. I will try going back one more time to see if they have my sheet, but do not expect to ever see my duvet cover again, and I am equally doubtful that I will get the free laundry.

Having issued the threat of taking my dirty sheets elsewhere, I now cannot backdown. There are plenty of laundries within a short walk of our flat. I am not convinced that any of the others will be any better. Starry is the nearest, the Al Abjer Laundry, is only another 100 metres further away. The next nearest was one I’d already tried when we first moved to the area… and they’d lost two pillow cases. 

Lebanese Laundry

But I settled on the Lebanese Laundry. This morning I left 2 pillow cases, a fitted sheet and the brand new duvet cover with them. I hope this is the start of a successful new relationship.


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