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PSG v Real Madrid

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This evening we headed off to the Khalifa Stadium for the international friendly match. It rarely rains in Doha, and when it does it generally a very light shower. But tonight, following a clap of thunder, the rain began as the whistle blew to start the match and continued for the next 45 minutes. It stopped at half time then restarted for the entire second half.

Wet spectators

It had been difficult to find anywhere to park near the stadium. The roads were crowded with match goers and every available conventional space was filled. We managed to park on the hard shoulder of the main highway.

We walked to the Villagio shopping centre for a quick burger and chips where I checked to see which gate we should use, before walking to the stadium about 45 minutes before the kick-off. We found our gate and joined the line. A guy came round to check tickets. He, helpfully, pointed out that my tickets were for the Exxon tennis tomorrow.

With some sense of responsibility at managing to have the wrong tickets, we walked back to the car and drove home. We got back at 5pm which gave us just enough time to get the correct tickets and return to the stadium.

This time we managed to find a space on the raised reservation between the main highway and the sliproad and raced round to the stadium. We left 10 minutes before the finish to make avoid the inevitable traffic hold-ups when tens of thousands of people all tried to leave at the same time.


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