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Car accidents

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If you have a car accident in Qatar, the rules say you must not move the vehicles until the police have arrived, however in the case of a minor accident it appears that both drivers can do so if fault is agreed at the time.

Slight accident

Although there appears to be little or no damage here, it looks like the driver of the Porsche Cayenne has connected with the rear of the bakery van, unless the driver has stopped the van to buy some bread. They are stationary in the outer of the three lanes of the Corniche awaiting the traffic police. It is not unusual to have to detour around car accidents like this or more serious ones with more than two cars.

Either way, the police will always be involved regardless of severity, as all accidents have to be reported to the traffic department in order to get the required documentation necessary for an  insurance claim and to get repairs carried out. It is illegal for car repair garages to undertake this work without the correct paperwork.


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