Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

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Hot from both taps

The temperature has hit 50C this week. The cold water tank that feeds our flat sits on the roof of our building and is bathed in direct sunlight from dawn to dusk…. so the cold water becomes hot water.

The best and only time to use the shower is first thing in the morning when it has cooled overnight… but even then just using the cold water feed provides a pleasant hot shower.


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Crime rate

Qatar celebrates its low crime rate.  A couple of recent murders of expats are unusual. It’s safe out at night and thefts are rare. It is not unusual to see shopping carts outside shops stuffed full of groceries and even expensive consumer goods.

Handbag left in trolley

Here, in Villagio Mall, a handbag has been left in a shopping cart while its owner is inside the shop. It will be there when she comes out.