Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

72 or 48 hours

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I don’t need to remind you that Qatar is a hot country, and this summer has been appreciably hotter than last year. This morning, at 7.30am, the thermometer in my car told me that it was 40C. Whilst cooler in the car with the controls on the lowest setting, the air-con even struggles to put out cold air. Later today the temperature will rise to around 46C.

All this means that Qatar can be a sweaty place to live. In order to be deodorised and pleasant to be near, I naturally use an antiperspirant. I have tried a variety of products.

I currently favour aerosols from Adidas, both which are ‘cool & dry’ but also provide anti-white mark. I am, however, confused that one offers to keep me  aromatic for 72 hour but the other only for a meagre 48 hours. In marketing terms I am puzzled by two such similar products… personally I would select the 72 hour option every time.

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Either way I hope and  doubt that I will ever require protection for longer than 24 hours, nevertheless it is reassuring to know that even if I can’t take a shower for 3 days in this climate that I will remain untainted by body odours.





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