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First world problems


As I leave our apartment in the morning for work, I pass by a number of construction sites where the workers are already busy. The temperature at 7am is around 40C, rising to 45C as the day moves on.

Whilst I leave our air-conditioned flat, and drive in my air-conditioned car to my air-conditioned office, on more than a few occasions I embarrass myself by moaning about things that are only experienced by the more privileged residents of Doha. It maybe that one of our favourite restaurants changed the menu, the car cleaners left a smudge on the windscreen, the supermarket is out of Kalamata olives, the valet parking is taking too long to return our car.

Each time I have to remind myself of how well we live in this country as compared to the large number of construction, manual and domestic workers, and I must not whinge anymore.







3 thoughts on “First world problems

  1. Good observation!..Stay grateful.

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  3. After living a privilaged lifestyle in Burma/Myanmar for 4 years and never hearing any of the locals whinge (even though how little they had) I whinged about the most trivial things. It’s one thing I regret about my time there, instead I should have been more giving than I was even though I was one of the more generous expats.
    I remind my daughter, when we drive past these guys everyday on the way to school how lucky we are, and that if we can help, we should.
    Only been in Doha 3 weeks and I’m happy to tip all these low paid guys that give me a service, they appreciate it.
    Cheers Ian for your blog, I’ve enjoyed reading it for the past few months :)

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