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Yesterday I received an international shipment which included my new iPhone 6. I turned it on and left it to download all my apps and settings from the cloud. By late morning it was up and running.

I thought I would be one of the first people in Doha to have this new technological wonder, but the newspapers report that several of the local hypermarkets already have iPhones selling at inflated prices.  The two local network operators are due to begin selling iPhone 6 on 27 September, so you have to be really keen to be the first one in your street to own one if you are prepared to pay 2000QR (£336) over the odds.

Last night I upgraded the operating software to 8.0.1 as suggested by Apple. This morning my phone has the ‘no service’ message.

no service message

The international news if full of reports that my problem affects everyone with an iPhone 6 who updated the software. So until they release a fix, I will have to use the old one and J will have to wait for the ‘hand-me-down’ iPhone 5.


My phone is now fixed after having to download the older software and reload apps etc all over again.



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