Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar


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Yesterday early morning, Friday 12 December, was the full dress rehearsal for the National Day parade on the 18 December. Roads around the Corniche were closed while the practice took place.

That was just the time I was in Monoprix doing the weekly shop. This supermarket is in the business district with the Corniche on one side and Majlis Al Taawon Street on the other. When I came out the the supermarket, the road leading to Majlis Al Taawon Street was closed. I headed off to one of the other exits… closed. A small convoy of cars headed round to each exit but they were also all closed,  some with barriers, others with barriers and a police Landcruiser.

As many of the exits were one-way streets, we all had to drive back against the traffic. Eventually I got back to Monoprix where I parked up for 10 minutes. I am guessing that one of the Qatari drivers who was trapped with us got through to someone with influence. For a short time the barrier was opened and we all escaped.





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