Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Mistaken identity

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An email  appeared in my inbox a few days ago from Frank Ochoa from Sony Pictures Travel Service. At first I thought this must be a phishing email. Normally I would delete this sort of spam immediately, however this had my name on in it and looked real… no spelling or grammatical errors.

I checked the Tripcase link which appeared completely genuine. I was on my iPad, so less prone to malware, and if something did go wrong I would just restore the software from a backup removing any problem. I clicked!

This loaded a pdf which informed me about flight bookings and a hotel reservation in my name. I was apparently flying from Los Angeles to New York. I opened the United Airlines website, typed the flight locator code and my name. Sure enough I was booked on an ecomomy flight out of LA and returning first class two days later.


I know there is a writer with my name, responsible for the HBO series, ‘How to Make it in America‘. I realised the ticket was for him.

I emailed Frank…


Frank replied stating the obvious…



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