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Traffic violation


My dentist is located in one of the towers in Westbay. My appointment was at 1pm. I was expecting a root canal followed by a new crown spread over four visits. It’s difficult to find a place to park during office hours, however I drove around the block once before eventually finding a spot just outside the building.


I think you’d be hard pushed to find a waiting room with a better view. The good news was that the dentist decided that I only needed a crown, so just two visits are needed. After the fitting of a temporary crown I headed down, with a numb mouth, to drive home.

There was a little yellow sticker on the driver’s window, and on the other cars parked adjacent to me.

I was parked on a paved area in front of the building… not technically a parking space but one that has habitually been used by cars.
I am not sure how much the fine will be as it has yet to appear on the MOI website. Next time I’ll find a proper parking bay. Also, if anyone needs dental treatment, just contact me via the comments box, as I would certainly recommend my dentist.

Postscript – 300QR fine is not so bad.



2 thoughts on “Traffic violation

  1. Thanks and it happend same to me today morning. I was worried that i will get black points on my license.

  2. No points, just a large fine

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