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A Google search shows that construction noise in Doha has been an issue for years. Last week Doha News reported ‘Bleary-eyed Qatar residents seek relief from construction cacophony’. This clunky headline coincided with work starting to knock down three houses in the street behind our apartment.


Work commenced around 5.30 in the morning. Our flat is on the other side of the building, facing away from the demolition so, thankfully, we don’t hear it from our bedroom. Our dining room is on the side of the building. If I hang out of the window I can just see the dust from the work, and even with the windows tightly closed, hear the incessant sound of the hydraulic jack hammer as it smashes through the reinforced concrete. It must seriously disturb the 120 apartment dwellers who have windows overlooking the works.

At the end of the row of houses is a small mosque. I am assuming they wait until after morning prayers to start work and stop at prayer times throughout the day.

Once the buildings are gone, I expect the noise will restart as basement excavations begin followed by the construction of another apartment block.


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