Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Getting out of Doha

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We left Doha last week for a trip back to see family in the UK then on to see more family in the USA. Within a few days, the persistent cough I have suffered since arriving in Qatar was gone and my eyes no longer water. It must because I am not inhaling the fine dust that everyone in Qatar must breathe in everyday.

It was pleasing to see so much spring-time greenery in England. It was back to using my left foot and changing gears rather than driving the automatic I have been used to over the last few years.

Doha is so flat. We are now in San Francisco, a city built on hills. The steepest bit of Doha I ever climb is the little hillock a few metres high on the edge of Aspire Park.

I usually avoid the more personal aspects of my life on this blog, however in this instance I am going to share the newest addition to our family. The main reason for heading to the USA was to see my new grandson… so please meet Kieran Edelman.



One thought on “Getting out of Doha

  1. Absolutely,you are right…The climatic conditions in Doha is completely different comparing to England & the DUSTY Climate is making the working conditions more Typical…Any how,Congrats & have great days with Keiran……CHEERS

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