Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

Removing the bumps

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Yesterday I took my car to get the two driver side doors fixed. For the last three years I paid an additional insurance premium so that any repairs would be carried out by the main dealer. This year I decided not to pay the extra 750QR, which means I have a repairer allocated by the insurance company.

I headed off to the Village Car repairers located at Street 11 Gate 44 in the Industrial Area. This is one of my least favourite places in Doha. Being based on a grid layout ought to make it easy to find your way around, but it doesn’t work that way. The roads are narrow, often lined with trucks and cars. Many are still unpaved with huge, deep potholes.

I managed to find Village Car repairers.village1
The area outside is littered with some very broken cars. Inside was little different except they were in various stages of repair. There were an awful lot of damaged taxis.

I asked when it would be ready. “Wednesday”. “But I need it on Monday as I will be out of the country from Tuesday”. “Can you do it by Monday?” I asked. They said they would try, but I don’t expect to see it again until we return to Qatar in February.


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