Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

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A long way from home

I was driving by our local petrol station in Devon when my eye was caught by a very new Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. The reason it attracted my attention was its number plate, with a red serrated strip on the left, a single word in Arabic and a string of 6 numbers. It was a Qatari registered car, a very long way from home; 4,379 miles to be precise.

Driving from Qatar is not possible as the blockade means the route through Saudi Arabia is closed, and even if it was, it is quite unlikely anyone would make this journey by car. The vehicle was probably flown to London and driven the 140 miles to Devon.

I have no idea who it belongs to or what they were doing here. The car had apparently been left all day, in a space meant for very short term parking.