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Qatari car in Devon explained

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In June last year I reported that I came across a Qatari car in Totnes in the distant south-west of the UK.

Today, a news alert which lets me know when ‘Qatar’ is mentioned led me to the following headline.

Speeding Navy cadets who clocked up 99 points in just four months between them are fined more than £12,000 after neither showed up for court.

The speeding naval cadets were Qatari, undergoing training at the Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. The cars mentioned in the news report are Mercedes, just like the one I saw parked at the petrol station. I am assuming that it belonged to one of the two cadets, as Dartmouth is ony 20 minutes away from Totnes.

Famous college alumni include Prince Charles and Prince Philip.

Dartmouth is one of the loveliest South Devon towns sitting where the River Dart meets the sea. If you are ever in Devon, I recommend visiting Dartmouth, but please, no speeding.

Dartmouth College

Inner harbour, Dartmouth

Read the full news report


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