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The missing duvet cover

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I am going to recount the ongoing mystery of the missing duvet cover.

Every two weeks I take two pillow cases, a fitted bottom sheet and a duvet cover to the Starry Laundry. In return for 22QR or 24QR I receive the sheets back, cleaned and pressed. The price varies depending on whether they class the duvet as a bed cover or a top sheet.

Last week I collected the package and returned home. When I opened it to get the bed sheets out for our cleaner to make the bed (yes I know I am now living the dream where someone else makes my bed),  there were the required number of sheets, however the duvet cover was not ours. It was white, like ours, but a pattern was built into the weave. I checked the other bedding and all was from Zara Home where we bought 2 sets of bedding.

I returned to Starry with the duvet cover explaining it was the wrong one. ‘Come back in 4 days’. I came back in 4 days but no sheet.  ‘Come back in 4 days’ again. Tonight the 4 days were up, and again no sheet. ‘Come back in 4 days’ yet again.

I am not confident in ever seeing the duvet cover again. I have had to buy another one. I have now entrusted Starry Laundry with our second set of bedding.

The guys who manage the shop are low paid workers. It is hard to be cross with them. They look bewildered when I question them. I try and be reasonable but when I asked how long it would take before something was done I got a shake of the head. Would it take a week, two weeks, a month or a year, I asked? ‘Not a year’, he said. I thought I was onto something but he couldn’t commit any further.

I will go back in another 4 days. I am not sure how this will be resolved, but will be asking for free laundry to the value of the missing sheet. I will let you know the result.


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  1. Too funny Ian

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