Ian Edelman in Doha

Expat exploits in Qatar

When the real and virtual worlds collide

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This morning we did our Friday shop at Monoprix. As I was buying bread, a woman asked me if I was Ian, which clearly I was. She introduced herself as Cynthia.

Cynthia is an avid reader of my blog and one of my early followers… she recognised me from pictures I have posted over the last four years.


I should point out that Cynthia lives in Canada and is a regular visitor to Doha, staying with family who live here, and was not in Qatar specifically in the hope of seeing me.

It was really nice to meet her, however briefly, in person and know that people out there are actually reading and enjoying what I have written.


One thought on “When the real and virtual worlds collide

  1. Hello Ian, So very nice to run into you at Momoprix! Loved your blog today and sent it on to my family.

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