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I skim the English and the Qatar newspapers online every morning on my iPad before leaving for work. The choice of English language newspapers in Qatar is the Peninsula, Gulf Times and Qatar Tribune. I tend to go for the Peninsula as it downloads quickly as a pdf of the newsprint version rather than an interactive digital version.

Newspaper seller

As well as stores and supermarkets, I could also buy a paper from the men who sell them every morning at the traffic intersections while drivers wait for the lights to change. This picture was taken a 6.45am last Tuesday morning. It was already 40C.

He is selling the Peninsula… you can tell because of the blue jacket matching the livery of the paper. Gulf Times sellers wear maroon. He wanders down the line and across the lanes while the cars are stationary. I believe newspapers are around 1QR (17p) so he really needs to sell a lot to earn any money.

The photo was taken in the wing mirror of my car. I case you are wondering about the writing at the bottom of the picture, it’s the Arabic version of  ‘Objects in mirrors are closer than they appear’, advice that I have never really considered I needed to be reminded of every time I look to see what’s behind me.


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